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Gaja, Italy
lazy, shy, absolutely not self-confident, brown-eyed, I love photography, drawing, editing, astronomy, eating, sleeping, manga, anime and lots of other things... You can ask me anything~ /// ◡‿◡✿Multifandom

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♥ you hate on Himchan, you die ~ ♥

BangHim ~

Hey, There!

Since I’m seriously getting obsessed by all of them I opened this:
I’ll still post B.A.P stuff on this blog, but if you started following me for my B.A.P posts then you should go there (even if you didn’t, just go to that blog… GO!)

Look, I’ll give you zelo’s nipple to get you

Kim Himchan’s guide to being wise after more than six months of extreme derpness

B.A.P for Elle Girl

I love listening to MUSE while editing~


celebrations time, c’mon~

I made another one cause I’m bored, happy and I wanted to use more group photos (^人^)

B.A.P 200 days anniversary~ ♪ (⊙ω⊙)